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The Advanced Risk & Capital Solutions builds upon a broad spectrum of insurance and reinsurance expertise, modern analytics and proprietary technology.

MATRIX ARCS team comprises of brokers/actuaries who combine knowledge and expertise in the key areas (actuarial, financial, legal, accounting) required for structuring this type of solutions. The team analyses risk, structures/designs transactions and quantifies the impact of the solution on the company’s financial statements and capital/solvency models.

A dedicated actuarial team provides the necessary analytical substrata for the efficient and in-depth examination of all opportunities. It is the very same team who negotiates with re-insurers/risk carriers and makes sure the client gets the best deal possible. Analytical tools used include state of the art commercial risk modelling software such as Risk Explorer from URS and ICFRS from insureware.

An in-house team of software engineers develops proprietary actuarial and risk modelling applications (Res-timatorTM, for non-life reserving, ErismaTM,  a customisable Economical Capital Modelling tool specially designed for internal modelling purposes.
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  • We elevate reinsurance to the strategic level focusing on client’s challenges and goals, aligning reinsurance structures and business planning.
  • Many years of delivering non-traditional reinsurance solutions to our clients’ unique capital needs, using innovative structured reinsurance as a capital relief/enhancement tool.
  • A market leader in providing non-traditional reinsurance with proven record of successful deals.


  • Extensive solution customization and original wording drafting.
  • Analytical expertise fused with top-class broking and negotiation skills.
  • Superior servicing, accounting, reporting and management.
  • In-depth knowledge and advice on structure, coverage and regulations.


  • Unique deal team culture with solid grasp of regulatory, accounting and legal aspects.
  • Global network of reinsurance partners and expert associates.
  • Value-added actuarial and risk management services offered to long-term customers.