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03 October 2014

Surety Bond Seminar - Istanbul

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Event Dates: September 23, 2014

Matrix SA and new established Turkish affiliated company Matrix Reasürans Brokerlik A.Ş. organised an international seminar on the market developments initiated by the Draft Regulation concerning the Prepaid Housing Sales, based on the Consumer Law No 6502.

The event took place on Tuesday, the 23rd of September at the Milli Re Conference Hall, in Istanbul.

The panellists of Munich Re, Swiss Re, Trans Re, Partner Re and Qatar Re were holding their presentations and shared their experience with the representatives of Turkish insurance companies, Turkish Authorities, member of Turkish Insurance Association and sector journalists.

 The event was accepted with big interest by all participants. With the intensive questions and answers during the event, the seminar was very successful and Matrix in the end, considered as the pioneer and competent business intermediary by all attendees.

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