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At MATRIX we refer to Corporate Social Responsibility as our «corporate citizenship», mainly because it involves a series of actions that do not provide an immediate financial benefit to the company, but instead promote positive social change and welfare initiatives to the community at large.

We strongly believe that our CSR actions can bring along advantages, in terms of staff retention, recruitment, development and motivation. This leads to improved customer loyalty.

By managing CSR in a more strategic and conscious manner, MATRIX can better reap these advantages. CSR is about continuous improvement and should be seen as part of our model of business excellence.

Today, under the pressure of a severe economic recession, no company can afford to ignore the issues concerning its role and behavior in the community in which it operates. MATRIX is particularly sensitive to these issues because in most cases we are operating in local markets. Voluntary engagement for the benefit of the local community can take a variety of forms.

The main instruments are providing cash or in-kind donations, dedicating the work time of company managers or employees to social causes free of charge or fostering economic regeneration and social integration. It often means working together with local community organizations for societal causes.

Apart from a strong sense of moral responsibility and a belief that companies have a long-term interest in fostering a healthy community and better conditions for employment, MATRIX is aware that community interventions involving employees, customers and business partners can have direct benefits, through increased profitability, stronger company image, better employee morale and improved customer loyalty.

Some of the main aspects of MATRIX’s community involvement are:

  • social integration (ethnic tolerance, social cohesion)
  • healthcare
  • education
  • quality of life (culture)
  • economic regeneration and development/employment