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Organizational values are the corner stones on which the Group’s image is built. These values help each company realise its goals and in turn commit to excellence, innovation, and service in the complex world of reinsurance products and risk management. Our clients have come to rely upon our values: knowledge, responsibility, empowerment, innovation and expertise. These values are intended to infuse an infectious energy, professionalism and a sense of true commitment into the workplace.

MATRIX strives to be a visionary organisation and not just an organisation with a vision. Our vision and values are derived from our efforts towards shared understanding, alignment and commitment with our customers. They set the course of our actions and make customer service a top priority by offering real-world business advantages that are unsurpassed by our competition.

Our values drive us towards our goals of expansion, diversification and excellence. They define our operational philosophy, guide our decisions and our determination to succeed.

To be able to meet our customer’s most complex needs and best serve their interests with skill, competence and fortitude, qualities that have positioned us as one of the most professional and knowledgeable firms in the markets that we operate.

To be accountable for results in line with our customer’s objectives, strategies and values in order to maintain an organisation that promotes speed, accuracy and personal attention for clients of all sizes in the insurance industry.

To endorse our people and give them the authority and the tools to offer our customers guidance and support in the complicated world of reinsurance, while providing them with valuable information that influences their environment.

To constantly re-examine and re-invent ourselves for further innovation, creativity and the commitment to develop and implement unique service models, technology platforms and reinsurance coverage that are on the leading edge and minimise our customers total cost of risk.

To invest in our greatest asset, our people, and expect that they will provide our customers with excellent service, in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment.