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The world in which we live and work is being redefined by five global trends: technological advances, demographic changes, global economic shifts, urbanization and resource scarcity and climate change. The impact of these trends is radically changing society’s expectations of business. And the extent to which a business behaves in line with these expectations determines how trustworthy it is perceived to be.

Trust is pivotal because it is the basis of every human relationship, every transaction, and every market. Trustworthiness is the foundation of a business’s “license to operate” in any region or industry. No challenge is too small, too large or too complex. We are committed to applying our expertise worldwide, to constantly develop the best solutions for our customers and to contribute to sustainable growth in every country we operate.

We believe our strength is our determination to put people first, pursue excellence, embrace change, act with integrity and serve our clients. These values are our legacy and our future. As we pursue our vision of making MATRIX «more than a broker, a partner», we provide a consistent approach to projects, assuring the best risk solution, quality, innovation and on-time delivery in a cost-effective manner.

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss our qualifications, capabilities and unique approach to providing reinsurance and risk management solutions for each and every business we underwrite.

Having global access is critical to success and can only be achieved through excellent risk management. By embracing sensible legislation, we also provide innovative analytical tools, modelling and analysis to make sure your risks are managed to your benefit and in-line with regulatory guidelines.

Values-based behavior can drive value creation that takes into account the expectations of a wider range of stakeholders. Increased organisational resilience and improved performance will flow from engaged employees, loyal customers and better relationships with business partners and regulators. Overcoming stakeholder skepticism will not only improve investor sentiment, but also create opportunities to lead the trust debate in the business’s industry and beyond.